Places to Visit When Staying in Church Stretton

The Waters2492011_b7ec7877 of the Stretton Hills

Church Stretton is well-known for its natural spring water that has a remarkably low mineral content. From Monday to Friday, visitors can sample the water from a free public tap at the front of the factory located on the Shrewsbury Road. Although the water no longer pumps from the Cwn Dale Spring, the water is pumped from an aquifer below the town and is the same water that is sold in bottles in shops around the world.

The Hall at Abbey-Cwm-Hir

Located 42 miles away from Church Stretton, the Hall at Abbey-Cwn-Hir is considered to be one of the best examples of Victorian Gothic Revival architecture in Wales. The 12-acre property has a 52 room house and a variety of landscaped gardens popular in the months of April to September when the rhododendrons and roses are in bloom.

The Stiperstones

Formed more than 480 million years ago and at 536 meters above sea level, The Stiperstones is the second highest hill in the county of Shropshire. Appreciated for the views it allows of the Long Mynd, the North Shropshire plains and Mid Wales hills, The Stiperstones is part of the Shropshire Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It is also a habitat for ta number of birds including the red grouse and the rare ring ouzel.

Wild Ponies in the Long Mynd

Wild ponies are a common sight in Shropshire Hills almost all year round. Tolerant of both foot and car traffic, the ponies can be approached if done carefully and visitors are advised to keeps their dogs on a lead when walking to spot ponies.

Wroxeter Roman Vineyard

Located in the foothills of Wrexin and close to the Roman city of Uriconium, the Wroxeter Roman Vineyard offers free wine tasting that will give you a “taste of Shropshire” and visitors are encouraged to walk around the vineyard planted in 1991, to get a sense of what it was like when the Romans made wine in the area 2000 years ago.

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